So, despite my hope to not post again before christmas, how could I truly not look at this weeks shared topic over on Blog Azeroth. What is it you ask? Well Eff  asks us .. ” While running through MC, BWL, AQ40, and Naxx over the weekend, I got to thinking… If a future patch adds more raid-dropped pets like those introduced in 5.1, what pets would you like to see? What raid and boss would they be available from?”

Thats right, a shared topic about mini-pets/Companions. Since pet collecting in WoW has been a pet hobby of mine since A shaman handed me my first mini pet I knew this peticular topic was for me. I have been saying (for years in some cases) to guildies and mates alike what sort of pets I would like to see in game. Some have thankfully become a reality (hello Gazelle & Minfernal) but as always with compulsive collectors .. we can use more 🙂


First off with Winterveil here .. how cool wouldn’t it be for a baby Greench to drop off the Greench? Yes? No?
Anyway, to the question asked .. So what would I love to see? Ok here are my top 5 …

1. Lil’Patchwerk. Instead of a ‘pet’ drop as such let Patchwork drop a recipie which leatherworkers can use to create a mini-pet. Ok well fine, maybe not, just give us a little abomination.

2. Curator V2. Yes, I hated curator back in TBC, not because he killed us a lot, but because all that trash before him would for some unknown reason target me before everyone else, even if i was 3 floors down and doing nothing. Besides who hasn’t wanted something like a mini-curator since TBC when u stepped into Silvermoon ans say that blood elf chasin her little robot?

3. Tiny Tidewalker. Says it all yes? lets see a tiny giant, the irony is not lost on me!

4. Firehawk Chick. Remember doing those terrible molten front dailies (like all dailies they are terrible, whether I enjoyed them or not)  and seeing those tiny skeletal Firehawk Hatchlings. Well even then I wanted one, allowing them to drop from Alysrazor would be cool.

5. Baby Kuchong, Have this drop from Garalon, or better as a fairly good % drop rate from trash like the bug mounts were in AQ40. It should come witha  warning not to feed it to much though.

Those would be my top five picks, but while I am on the topic I would muse some more on pet collecting possibilities.

What about some extra pet collecting acheivments? maybe certain pets will drop if you go into a raid with a buff .. say entering Trial of the Crusader with one of the champion buffs from doing jousting. Trial Collector !  You know Trial of the Crusader was far, far from my favourite all time raids. But so many of its bosses would make awesome mini-pets. imagine a tiny Magnotaur or Northrend Yeti, a pet worm that is actually not one worm but 2, how about a mini Valkyrie, Fizzlebangs Soul from the Jaraxxus encounter? or for ultimate irony a Gruntling/Squire who was ‘left behind’ after you beat faction champions.

Why raid? Why not add a few more to dungeons? bring us back to some older content, a mini lava giant from Blackrock Depths, one of those faceless one octopus thingys from Throne of Tides, an Arrokoa Hatchling from Sethekk Halls?

Finally, with the Mountain Dew Robot added to vendors for purchase how cool would it be if the i-coke and Korean only pets were added to vendors for the rest of us to access?

I love what they have done with pets and wait for more, whatever comes. I tell you though if blizzard added 30 odd new pets per patch it would certainly keep me hunting around indefinatly!