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Yes, see here we are on time for day two ( actually I am not, I had a second extended weekend so its been three days). Anyway there has been something I have been musing over for a while, a concept if you will that will enrage some and make others so enthused it wouldn’t be funny. While Mists has brought us back to the faction conflict lets face it, having “the Big Bad” there at the end of an expansion to work your way towards killing worked well for three expansions .. even if one wasn’t seen enough, one two much and the last had a disappointing fight .. the point was you were looking forward to killing them.

We have though, taken out so many it makes you wonder what sort of big bad is left that is not Sargeras .. a lore figures whose appearance would herald the end of WoW I should think. I mean we have faced down Deathwing, and his nefarious broodlings. We have taken out several Old Gods. Arthas and his favourite minions? Gone! Illidan and the new faction he was recruiting? crushed! Old Horde Heroes we wanted to hear about? well Zul’jin is gone (or is he?), Kargath is dead at our hands also .. and that leaves only Dead-eye with an ambiguous disappearance which lets hope is solved when we are told he died at the same time as Turalyon and Alleria.

No what we need is not a boss we have yet to encounter, but one we have already dealt with or so we believe .. who’s return we are simply not prepared for!


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Hello folks, I hope you have had a happy easter and that most of you didn’t over indulge with the easter eggs! Anyway I have been a tad slack around here so as to make up for my slack I intend to post 1 post a day for the next five days. Lucky for those of you who follow my ramblings!

Anyway I (like many) tend to keep my eye out on MMO-Champion, Wowinsider and other sites for news when I came across this quote from Ghostcrawlers twitter account in the middle of a discussion about alts …

Player: It’s not about not playing it, it’s about the burden to repeat everything that the player already did.
Ghostcrawler: But isn’t that what an alt is all about – replaying the game through a different view? Otherwise we could just offer class respec. (Source )

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