Yes, see here we are on time for day two ( actually I am not, I had a second extended weekend so its been three days). Anyway there has been something I have been musing over for a while, a concept if you will that will enrage some and make others so enthused it wouldn’t be funny. While Mists has brought us back to the faction conflict lets face it, having “the Big Bad” there at the end of an expansion to work your way towards killing worked well for three expansions .. even if one wasn’t seen enough, one two much and the last had a disappointing fight .. the point was you were looking forward to killing them.

We have though, taken out so many it makes you wonder what sort of big bad is left that is not Sargeras .. a lore figures whose appearance would herald the end of WoW I should think. I mean we have faced down Deathwing, and his nefarious broodlings. We have taken out several Old Gods. Arthas and his favourite minions? Gone! Illidan and the new faction he was recruiting? crushed! Old Horde Heroes we wanted to hear about? well Zul’jin is gone (or is he?), Kargath is dead at our hands also .. and that leaves only Dead-eye with an ambiguous disappearance which lets hope is solved when we are told he died at the same time as Turalyon and Alleria.

No what we need is not a boss we have yet to encounter, but one we have already dealt with or so we believe .. who’s return we are simply not prepared for!


Illidan? No, no, no, no. I mean seriously, Illidan a big bad? No. Illidan was never more than a spoilt self-important child who never outgrew his own jealousies and self loathing despite being imprisoned for thousands of years, becoming one of the most powerful beings on two worlds and becoming a puppet of a demon lord. No, there is someone else who has links to Illidan who deserves to be brought back, someone who would make us all gasp at. Someone whom no-one, not Horde, nor Alliance, would be able to deny needed to die. Who do I talk about, the one who was a driving force behind the original invasion of Azeroth, a being whose own end and whose life was murky enough to have possibly survived in one way or another. Yes, I say bring back Gul’dan.


Now for those who don’t know much about him you can do a little light reading on Wowpedia  or re-read one of WoW Insiders articles , now if you are unfamiliar with the end of Gul’dan you may want to look up the Tomb of Sargeras campaign and the Tomb Of Sargeras in general  and Drak’thul

For those of you who can’t be bothered clicking, I shall do an extremely quick run down. Gul’dan, bad orc warlock, apprentice to Nerzhul (yes the Nerzhul who became the Lich King), betrays Nerzhul, uses Warcheif Blackhand as a puppet, organises the drinking of demon blood by the orcs, massacre of the Drenai, conspires with Medivh to open the dark portal and open the way for the invasion of Azeroth. With the dark council he grew a young half breed (Garona) unnaturally fast to assassinate King Lane. He ruled over the Shadow Council .. the remnants of which would lead the Burning Blade and Twilight Hammer in the future. He learnt to transfer the essence of a spirit from one body to another creating the first Death Knights. Then at the hight of the Horde’s power, when victory seemed inevitable, he turned on Doomhammer, went AWOL, taking two powerful clans to the Broken Isles where he broke into the Tomb of Sargeras and according to Drak’thul and reports from the Orcs of the Blacktooth Grin Clan .. died, at the hands of the demons whose power he wished to posses.

So are we all up to speed? Evil warlock who caused Horde to become raving monsters, was capable of manipulating almost anyone, who sought nothing but power and who was able to transfer the essence of life from one body to another.

What after reading those articles (and some of the weird places they led you) do we know ?

  1. The Horde forces sent to crush Gul’dan never reported seeing his dead body
  2. Drak’thul is the only Orc known who has ever been able to relate the story of Gul’dan
  3. Gul’dans skull (supposedly) was reclaimed, passed through many hands, including that of Nerzhul, Deathwing, Khadgar, and Illidan and yes the power inherit n the item did transform Illidan and help drive him even crazier.
  4. That one of the few who had people visit the Tomb Of Sargeras after Gul’dan supposedly died was Teron Gorefiend.
  5. Cho’gall, Gul’dans loyal lieutenant survived the last battle at the tomb

It’s not a lot of anything conclusive. No proof of death, a skull purportedly belonging to him that has strange powers, and only the word of one of his ardent followers of his death, combined with the mysterious facts that his most pious lieutenant survived (Cho’gall) and another of his lieutenants had people there after his death.

This leaves us with a number of options. The easiest, saying he is dead, is no fun to speculate on. The second, that he survived, and is therefore either a 100 year old (plus) orc hidden away somewhere or is Drak’thul and is learning to overcome his past is just disappointing. No, the most chilling thought would be that Gul’dan did die, the residue of his life infecting his bones, while the essence of his spirit had escaped, waiting, being passed along from being to being as he sought the perfect guise to return and try to find ultimate power.

At first it would have been simple, infect Drek’thar, eventually ending up in Illidan by the time Illidan passed his way into outland. When we think about it a very strong will must have helped Illidan retain some independence from Kil’jaeden.  This could explain much, including why when he was resurrected Teron Gorefiend so easily joined the ranks of the Illidari.

But then Illidan died, so what happened to Gul’dans spirit. My wild brained theory .. it hitched a ride out of the Black Temple in Miev, Akama or one of the unnamed adventurers, where it eventually found a perfect body to take over. A body filled with conflicting emotions whom Gul’dan could easily take control over whilst he plotted his real return.

Who you cry! Who did Gul’dan take over! and in hushed tones I answer … Garrosh Hellscream. Doesn’t it explain a lot? This child of an easily corruptible father went from whimpering worm to devilish dragon in a matter of a few short years. Would the coward we knew as Garrosh in Outland have been brave enough to challenge Thrall alone? perhaps, but perhaps not, but with goading from an unseen force maybe. Then who would want the Lich king dead more than his former pupil .. leading the Horde forces North to northrend was a perfect excuse for Gul’dan. Since his return he has helped Garrosh to grow in power, continually causing Garrosh to become more and more erratic and violent, to the point where not only do his Horde Allies want to kill him, but where he has welcomed the last bastion of the old Horde into his fold .. the Blackrock Orcs.

This is where my real tinfoil moment comes in .. in the fact that Garrosh is only a means to an end for  Gul’dan. Under Garrosh the orcs have finally been totally reunited, it is as close to Gul’dans horde as possible without re-absorbing the Ogre tribes. Why though would he go through all this trouble? To try to once again reclaim the power of Sargeras. Now he knows his original body was pretty weak, but Garona, the unnatural experiment he originally grew has proved resilient, and the Drenai were able to contain demonic energies when they became the legions mage cadre, so I would speculate that  with genetic information he is growing a body half orc, half eredar/demon in the bowls of Ragefire Chasm to use as his new host, and that when Garrosh is slain we will be seeing a good portion of the Hordes Orc Forces leave to follow a re-incarnated Gul’dan who will then be undoubtably able to rally the varying Ogre Tribes and rogue demons to his cause.

It’s all theory and wild conjecture true .. but let’s be honest its been a while since we have seen something so truly evil that we know of to face down, and Epic enemies will always be epic, no matter how often they return, so I would love to see us face down the one being short of a dark titan, that has been known throughout the history of warcraft as being a totally evil bastard.