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Just a quick post, been sort of up in the air about this but a while back Effy made a post over on Blog Azeroth asking to see  how others would introduce themselves or their character in “RP”, and while I have always had my own head cannon on who my toons are and the rolls they fill, actually coming out of the mind and onto paper and describing who you are both alarmed me, and at the same time tickled my fancy.

The question is, in a short paragraph what do I want to say about myself .. Tauren, Male, Druid, Guild Leader. What I came up with was ..


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You know .. how gear is obtained never made much sense to me. Truly. Now granted I can imagine killing Nefarian or Onyxia and pillaging their horde for gems and gold and finding the odd piece of enchanted armour. Being dragons that makes an odd sort of sense. But what about other bosses we down. Arthas has Frostmourne, why in the world would he carry a small armouries worth of weapons on him, or keep them in a throne room where anyone could use them to take him out? or Illidan, he is a bare-chested glaive wielding Night Elf .. why would he just happen to be carrying the Bulwark of Azzinoth or a staff that has a demon attached to the end?


Now over the past few days Adam Holisky over at WoW Insider has been decrying the need for a change to gearing  .. and after consideration, I would have to agree with him. I don’t enjoy character gearing, I do though enjoy character progression .. which for me, means seeing more, encountering more and doing more for my character, and in turn. My Guild. I am not advocating we get rid of gearing, I think that is still needed, but how we go about gearing needs to change, and how we benefit from raiding needs to change also.

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