Just a quick post, been sort of up in the air about this but a while back Effy made a post over on Blog Azeroth asking to see  how others would introduce themselves or their character in “RP”, and while I have always had my own head cannon on who my toons are and the rolls they fill, actually coming out of the mind and onto paper and describing who you are both alarmed me, and at the same time tickled my fancy.

The question is, in a short paragraph what do I want to say about myself .. Tauren, Male, Druid, Guild Leader. What I came up with was ..


” He stands there, arrayed in full tribal regalia, The wind gently shifting the feathers on his headdress and causing the interlaced bones woven into the garments to rattle slightly. He sighs wearily, and when one looks his eyes dark, and yet somehow soft and compelling speak of sorrow, and compassion. Yet the solid stance, hoofs solidly planted on the earth, weapon grasped at the ready in his three-fingered hand, speaks of determination and will. In one hand he grips tightly his druidic staff, a symbol of his calling, the base trailing lightly along the ground, headpiece slightly above him as if looking forward into the future. With a quick gesture he signals the move to march, and a legion on mercenaries garbed in the yellow and black trim of his troop move out. The call to war has been sounded. Jodrath Stormhoof and his followers are prepared to answer.”

Perhaps not my best effort, but enough that it conveys my self-image of my toon 🙂

One thing I should also explain is the wording in regards to the guild .. most people have always seen themselves as adventurers which at base we are. But with Guilds, raid, and the need for teamwork, I have always pictured Guilds as being closer to mercenary troops, or mercenary Guilds, loyal to their specific faction, but free agents who contract for gold, glory and their own masters desires. Its the only way I can conceive of how we can be major movers and shakers in the world of Azeroth, while at the same time always being the nameless heroes .. after all history will never want to admit that the powers that be paid someone to take care of their problems. it also then gives me a way in my ‘head cannon’ to explain to myself how easily it is we can work for non-Horde/Alliance Factions, and how we can strengthen our own rp bonds (or distance them) from various npcs.

The other thing I ignored completely was the in-game title in the intro.  I have used Loremaster ever since I received it back in Wrath, and it fits with the characters head cannon, its hard though to tie in a studious being with the leader of a mercenary troop in one paragraph though. Not only that but sometimes the titles available in WoW leave a little to be desired RP wise, so I thought best to ignore it. Sort of like I do titles in Tera .. saw someone running around the other day with the “Angel Of Death” title which you get from dying 50 times, and was surprised to find I didn’t have it yet, probably due to my lack of playtime there .. though obviously if it was WoW I would earn it on the average raid learning curve .. probably in a single week.

In retrospect, I think I will leave RP to those who prefer it .. or whom don’t think everything to death, save myself some worries/