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You know I have always had my ups and downs with druid gear looks and some sets eventually grow on me .. like the blue winged bird-suit from the first tier of Cataclysm, but apart from Tier Six, I will admit I have never seen a druid set and just said to myself “that looks awesome”, until today .. the Season 14 Druid set looks awesome, and for the most part I have really liked the upcoming armour. There are a few exceptions but I will mention that later.

druid s14
Avoiding class changes, upcoming raids, scenarios etc .. I can’t help but look at two new features and say thank you Blizzard. What am I talking about? Virtual Realms and Proving Grounds. I think both will in the end prove beneficial .. at least to my way of thinking.

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You know I am infinitely proud to play a Tauren Druid, I don’t think that anything else comes close .. especially those inferior druid races. Having said that, I couldn’t help but don the old Darkspear warrior outfit acquired back in the pre-cataclysm event and ride out fo Senjin beside Vol’jin to conquer Razor Hill. Trolls are my second most preferred race, and it just felt right to be riding to war as one rather than a Tauren, Orc, Forsaken, Goblin or Blood Elf.


I will admit, I have been really enjoying an ‘event’ driven patch, and the nonsensical rewards that come from continuing to participate. The 489 gear from the vendors isn’t wanted by the Druid but some of my ungeared 90’s could benefit. The druid is enjoying his whole body shrinka and drums, and should really take time this week to get some boxing gloves. I have though been considering a mechanic available in Guild Wars 2 though that would make events in WoW so much more accessible and ever so much more epic ..
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