You know I am infinitely proud to play a Tauren Druid, I don’t think that anything else comes close .. especially those inferior druid races. Having said that, I couldn’t help but don the old Darkspear warrior outfit acquired back in the pre-cataclysm event and ride out fo Senjin beside Vol’jin to conquer Razor Hill. Trolls are my second most preferred race, and it just felt right to be riding to war as one rather than a Tauren, Orc, Forsaken, Goblin or Blood Elf.


I will admit, I have been really enjoying an ‘event’ driven patch, and the nonsensical rewards that come from continuing to participate. The 489 gear from the vendors isn’t wanted by the Druid but some of my ungeared 90’s could benefit. The druid is enjoying his whole body shrinka and drums, and should really take time this week to get some boxing gloves. I have though been considering a mechanic available in Guild Wars 2 though that would make events in WoW so much more accessible and ever so much more epic ..

Level Equalization. Now, I will be clear on this .. in general I am of two minds over level equalization, unlike item squish, which as far as I am concerned isn’t even worth talking about. Now I am not sure I want level squish in the ‘living’ world like it is in Guild Wars 2, nor in dungeons, I mean I like to go back and power through things. I think it should be an option if you wish to go and play with lower level characters, or in the case of their world events higher level characters .. it is indeed quite weird to see a level 10 Elementalist taking out a level 80 mob. But yes in general I think level squash or equalization should be a conscious option.

For events though .. that is where I think a standard level equalization would work extremely well. Now I am not talking events like Hallows End. No I am talking about limited time events that are unlikely to recur. The pre-expansion events of the past are a good example, it would have been great if new players got a chance to feel the excitement of retaking the Echo Isles, or Gnomergan in the way end level characters did .. or facing down necropolis in random zones the way you did in the pre-Wrath event.

Now especially is a good time .. I mean we are playing through a pivotal moment in history, the moment the Horde tears itself asunder, and for low level players to be able to fight alongside high level players in the Barrens would not only be a change from the usual levelling experience but would create an opportunity to bring an entire realm together despite level.

I don’t see this happening soon in WoW but I believe that for certain things .. like the Darkspear Rebellion, that it would work well. WoW has taken from other games before and I see no reason it can’t continue to do so if the worth will benefit the community after all.

Finally before I log off, and talking of the community .. supposedly the “unannounced feature” that has been whispered about so much is coming in 5.4. More to he point it is going to be a game changer  apparently and something people have wanted for some time. My guess is that is sadly will not be a Dance Studio but probably cross-faction raiding .. still it would be nice if Blizzard shocked the hell out of us and gave us something really game changing and mind-blowing .. like Guild Halls or Player Housing, but I doubt it.