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Well, what a Blizzcon hey .. I tell you if the return of Gul’dan wasn’t enough for me (see my previous post on desiring a return of a real bad influence) the fact that we are seeing so many other lore figures, plus getting a great form of player housing has really stoked the furnace in wanting to play WoD. Though I am not looking forward to months of people here talking about blowing their wod, still I am sure that can be ignored.

Everyone made a big deal about changing timelines and other plot devices, but before I say to much I would like to give you one of my Favorite Terry Pratchett Excerpts ..

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Just a note to say I am still here and still kicking .. since the last post I’ve changed jobs and while the new one allows more free time I have been pushing hard to gear my main toon and get the guild running back at a point I would like, add to that I have been busy developing 3 other blogs .. and I haven’t had much time in a few months to post much here.


I will say though that the follow up from Battlefields Barrens has been .. odd. I did enjoy the event and how it progressed the storyline .. and the way the storyline progresses in the raid works well. I just feel there should have been some sort of in-between quest or chain where Vol’jin says we are ready, go let everyone know the attack starts now! Or something like that.

I have been enjoying the new content and look forward to seeing what Blizzcon announces as the upcoming expansion … while I would love to see a full underground expansion in Azjol-Nerub I know its not likely.

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