Well, what a Blizzcon hey .. I tell you if the return of Gul’dan wasn’t enough for me (see my previous post on desiring a return of a real bad influence) the fact that we are seeing so many other lore figures, plus getting a great form of player housing has really stoked the furnace in wanting to play WoD. Though I am not looking forward to months of people here talking about blowing their wod, still I am sure that can be ignored.

Everyone made a big deal about changing timelines and other plot devices, but before I say to much I would like to give you one of my Favorite Terry Pratchett Excerpts ..

“Trousers of Time,” said Ridcully. “One of you goes down one leg, one of you goes down the other. And there’s all these continuinuinuums all over the place. When I was a lad there was just one decent universe and this was it, and all you had to worry about was creatures breaking through from the Dungeon Dimensions, but at least there was this actual damn universe and you knew where you stood. Now it turns out there’s millions of the damn things. And there’s this damn cat they’ve discovered that you can put in a box and it’s dead and alive at the same time. Or something. And they all run around saying marvelous, marvelous, hooray, here come another quantum. Ask ‘em to do a decent levitation spell and they look at you as if you’ve started to dribble. You should hear young Stibbons talk. Went on about me not inviting me to my own wedding. Me!”

—Lords and Ladies, Terry Pratchett

Few things make me grin as much as a good Terry Pratchett book, but in this case, old Mustrum’s description of two hims in two times and not being invited to his own wedding .. looks pretty close to what we will be experiencing. None of this timey-wimey stuff, just good old trousers.

It appears that at some point Garrosh appears and leads the Horde down one leg of the Trousers of Time, whilst the original plot-line follows the other.. and by some stray threads we manage to cross between the two. Works for me. After all it gives us a chance to go back in time, without messing up our time.

More to the point it means we can get a real look at those characters we played with back in Orcs Vs Humans, Tides of Darkness and Through The Dark Portal. Blackhand, Kargath, Deadeye, Gul’dan, Hellscream, Ner’zhul .. and probably others that are not amongst the “Warlords” like Dentarg, Cho’gall, Teron Gorefiend and Doomhammer. These guys were heroes of the old horde, and while I am really tired of Horde figures being the ones we keep beating on, a chance to look at them is well worth it.

So now I have finished geeking out about meeting some of my favourite Lore figures .. what are my thoughts about other bits and pieces?

old draenor

–          Old Draenor. In general, I like the idea. Time travel is never my favourite subject but the chance to visit an alien world is great, it means the artists can do as they please pretty much.

–          Reforging Gone. Great, no more needs to be said.

–          Stat Changes. In regards to Hit, Expertise, Dodge and Parry .. as a healer this does not bother me. As a dps .. doesn’t bother me much either, I think streamlining what stats are needed is a good idea.

–          New Stat Procs. I am not sure what I think about the new gearing philosophy. I’ve always been someone who hates gearing , more appropriately all the costs involved with upgrading gear … my guild has been hearing me roar in frustration over the last two weeks because I can’t seem to kill a boss without getting an upgrade. In general though gear has always been a 3rd priority to me behind seeing a place with people I enjoy playing with and collecting vanity items. So says our guilds best geared heals :S

–          Item Squish. Take it or leave it. So long as we are doing the same equivalent damage .. I don’t care if it shows as 1 dps , 10 dps or 1,000,000 dps.

–          Toy Tab. Looks fantastic, the one page they showed will clear most of a bag for me, I hope the rest work as well. Just wondering how some items which are currently equip to use (like Orb of the Sindorei) will work .. in the tab or stay as a bag slot item?

–          Account bound Heirlooms. Very nice. I approve. Enough Said

–          Change in Raid Setup. At first I was like .. whaaaat! Then I stopped to think that I really enjoy flexi raiding because I don’t have to bench people. So I approve. As for Mythic .. we were never really doing Heroics till well after the content was passed in most cases so I can live with this.

–          Instant 90. Well with 9 level 90’s already and a 10th almost there .. hearing we can get a free one was a bit like ‘yay I can finally get the priest up’ followed by the realisation that I would need to play through the same stuff 11 times in a row without breaking the current area monotony by doing the old world. So while I approve, I will probably level an Ally myself .. to at least change things up!

–          Dynamic Events. Loved these in Guild Wars, and the rare spawns on timeless isle worked well .. will wait and see if WoW pulls it off as well.

–          Quest/Map Ui. Improvements look good, and while I don’t skip anything quest wise on the main .. I think it will be handy for alts.

–          Daily Quests. In some ways .. I lament that MoP has been the death of dailies. I mean I like the freedom of the Timeless Isle, but dailies always provided me with a decent way to earn regular gold, and sometimes being given a direction in which to do things is as good as being given none. A balance should be found.

–          Environmental Gameplay. They relate this to the Trove of the Thunder King. I personally think some things shouldn’t be part of the standard gameplay. I’ve done jumping puzzles in GW2, datacron hunting in SWTOR and I think everyone has cursed that damn chamberlains head. Spending 20 mins every so often figuring how to jump a wall or climb something is fun. Being expected to do regularly will just annoy me.

–          Talents. So far, nothing ooh ahh, but getting something as you level is better than nothing.

–          New Character Models. Very excited, I have always considered dwarves as my 3rd favourite race (after Tauren and Trolls) and so far they look fantastic. With the new Tauren model .. I think I would like to see a bit more of it, the static image presented hasn’t yet filled me with awe.

–          Crafting from Bank & Quest Items. Having played swtor I am used to crafting from my bank, and not having quest items take up bag space. Love that this is now coming to wow. Sortable bags though? Not sure I would use this.

–          Garrisons. Terrible! No I joke, I love the idea and plan to eventually talk more about it when more details become available.

All in all, I can say I am excited. I can say .. I wish to Play NOW!!!. How about you?