It has been a while since I have posted anything. Settling into a new job, as well as trying to kick start the online section of the business has been fairly time consuming.  While I have continued reading other blogs and watching the Warcraft news which has frankly bored me since Blizzcon (after 3 expansions I really can’t care anymore how stats work, I’ve seen enough changes to cope – just tell me what we should expect to see & experience in the new world damnit), I haven’t felt compelled to write much.

Then yesteday I noticed a post on WoW Insider about what would you choose to create an in-game event, and I thought to myself that while new events would be nice. I personally would like to see one in-game event that already exists built upon further .. mostly because it is overlooked. I would like to see the Harvest Festival built upon, expanded and made into an event along the lines of love is in the air, or noblegarden.

The theme around Harvest Festival, is at least in the single quest that is available, to honour a hero of your faction. I would see this expanded to honour the fallen overall – like ANZAC Day or Remembrance Day is in the real world. Let us honour Magni, and Cairne, give us some quests to remind us of why the warring forces combined their might at Hyjal, or Silithus, give us some reasons to recall why we have been fighting – and in some cases why we still do.

I’ve always felt it was a bit odd, that holidays like Valentines day made it into WoW in such a big way, but ones where we pay our respects for those that served seem to be left by the wayside. A revamp is, in my opinion, well past due.