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I have been informed by wordpress that I have been running this site for 4 years, I can hardly believe it. I can also hardly belive that my internet and phone provider is still out after what seems to be a month, though is probably closer to two weeks.

My apologies on the silence, I had been planning to post something a week or so ago, but work on the other sites that I am involved with have kept me pretty busy, and surprisingly during my free time, I’ve been playing wow instead of writing about it!

I have though been keeping up with the News and Feeds about Warcraft, and I have to admit I am still waiting for some more juicy news on what is coming. For the most part I have to admit, numbers on how spell worls, and pvp changes go over my head .. or past it, and changes to healing, well after every change we have been through since TBC I sort of shrug and say, well I’ll adapt as I always have.

There are a few things though that have caught my attention, and I’ll probably run over them in more details on a future post, but for now I’ll look at three that relate to my main character – Jodrath – my first toon, and still the one I like the most.

The first concern for me when they mentioned updated models was how much looks would change, and I had worried incessantly about how they would change – after all I have been playing with Jodrath for , well seven years now, a change in looks will be a big thing. I mean apart from a 5 second change, which was reverted immediatly I should note, to get the barbershop acheivment .. how Jod looks now is how he looked when I made him. So I’ve been concerned.


A comparison Old vs New thanks to Wowhead

Having finally seen the new Tauren Models, well most of those conserns have been put to rest. The depths of expression on the new models while retaining the familiarity of the old has me impressed. Now I will have to wait to see how my exact model looks once the change hits, but I think the new models will live up to the hype. Though I will say this after watching the Artcraft videosĀ – I didn’t realise that spell casting was such a windy process.

Now onto other things, notably Insect Swarm. I was always a fan of this spell. Not because it was useful, or was incredibly powerful. No I always liked this spell because more than moonfire, or starfall or wrath this spell said .. hey I am a druid. Yep summoning a swarm of biting clawing and stabbing insects feels much more in touch with nature to me thanĀ  summoning the power of the sun or moon. So I am glad to see this returning.

On the other hand, I have to admit, I am sad to see Symbiosis dissapearing, even if I am the only one who will mourn its passing. It is not that I had much use for it, lets be honest with my normal raid group the best I could hope for was Ice Block, or the paladins clense. But it did allow me to give our raid a bit more versatility. On the odd occassions I was the only druid and we didn’t have a Death Knight or a Warlock, it mean’t we could give a pally an emergency battle rez. It mean’t we could give a mage a healing spell so if (like she always is) was nowhere near the rest of teh group they get a few seconds extra survivability. So yes, the button may not have been uber to me as a healer, but I did enjoy the opportunities that it presented my raid. I also know our raids Moonkin will miss her mirror images come WoD.

In any event, I shall post again when my Internet returns and fill you in on my thoughts in regards to WoD more fully, but this is me signing off fr now .. thanking those that have patiently followed for the last 4 years.

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