Well, my internet connection is still borked, and my provider continues to make screw up after screw up .. 2 months in and still no end in sight to these accursed problems. Despite my lack of internet at home, I have been keeping up with news on the mobile via RSS feeds, facebook etc, and while I would love to start dissecting what I am seeing with WoD … I feel I should leave off until I either see it for myself or until Beta is a bit further along.

No, what I want to talk about today is the “patience”barrier. In game I will admit, that for the most part I am fairly forgiving, and willing to work with the worst groups to get things done, because I realise not everyone has the same skill, adaptability or knowledge that you do. I even understand that communications are not some people’s strong points – hell back in Wrath we had one guild member who became so lost in Ungoro that despite over half hours worth of instructions in guild chat and vent I had to personally fly down there and lead him out.

So I will wipe more times than most imagine these days, I will help lower level guildies if needed, I will try to be helpful if questions are asked .. after of course my automatic sarcasm and dry sense of humor have their fill .. but the truth is I am fairly patient.

That patience though has found its limit. Recently my father convinced one of his “friends”to start playing Warcraft .. and I have regretted nothing in game more than that decision. Ten months on and we are still explaining (often in person because she won’t read guild chat or skype texts and doesn’t follow phone instructions) how to do some of the most basic things from the fact that as a hunter she does not wear spirit mail, or that she should basically sell any grey items for cash, or if you can’t loot a quest item it is probably because it is already in your bags .. and yes I am talking about that Ogre head that you have asked about every day for the last three weeks, and .. so the list goes on.

Truthfully, I have no idea how she made it to level 90, let alone out of the start zone, and the longer I am forced into contact the more my patience diminishes.

Now truthfully there have been moments (very few) where the stupidity has been worth it as amusement value – for example when she first reached Northrend and couldn’t fly she didn’t ask anyone why, no she just assumed it was a problem with her keyboard so she went and bought a new one – but for the most part, its nothing more than an irritant.

When we brought her into a raid for the first time (we figured even if she died at the beginning of a fight we could carry her through a few flexi bosses) we were hit with questions and statements along the lines of “No, I don’t have a spell called Aspect of the Pack” or “Which way do I go”when the only possible directions were down a staircase or back the way we had come. The rest of the guild thought she was doing these things on purpose to be amusing, so they all decided to be helpful .. you know try and tell her how to gem and chant her gear, upgrade it with valour points. All those things I and my family had been avoiding for five months since she was still asking how to get to outland, and where in Durotar was Orgrimmar. Well, in any event, everyone elses helpfulness dried up within weeks – curse all of those that don’t have to physically put up with her.

So as you can see, this hasn’t been easy .. and yes, after all this time my patience is beyond streatched. Can things get any worse you may ask? Well the answer to that is yes.

We are unceremoniosly bombarded with another impromptue visit to help her with her problems .. this time because she can’t do things with her Alts, one of which is her Death Knight. Apprently she has died a few dozen times trying to capture the horse for the start quest, most of you will know the one I mean. She is ready to give up ! It is just to hard!

So sighing with frustration .. after all its going to be easier just to do it than explain it again, we get on her toon and say here we go. Less than a minute later we have butchered five scarlet crusaders, grabbed a horse and ran back to the quest giver. “How did you do that?”she literally screams at us. So we start to explain how we did it .. although she just watched us.

But no, the question isn’t how we managed to complete the quest .. the question was HOW DID WE MANAGE TO USE THE CHARACTERS SWORD. For weeks as she had been trying this quest off and on, the only spell she had been using was mind-freeze, she had been trying to do all her fighting at range, and had never once seen the sword leave the characters back.

If only I wish I could wipe my hands of this problem altogether – let this be a lesson to all out there who recruit real life friends and family, be very, very careful of whom you try and get playing, sometimes its just not worth it.

Have I been unjusly treating this poor player for the last 10 months, should I have been more patient? My question for you, dear readers, is just how patient should one be, and how patient are you with dealing with other players?

How did you use the sword? LOL