Since defeating Archimonde in Warcraft III and learning of Kil’Jaedens presence behind the Lich King and Illidan’s workings we know that a massive fight against the Legion is headed our way. We have had tastes of the oncoming war in nearly every expansion .. even if they have only been small, such as Wrathions forebodings, or the revelations behind the Scarlet Crusade in Northrend. Now it is coming .. it might not be our final fight against the Legion, but it is their first major move against us since their defeat at Hyjal .. and from the outset things are not looking good. Which from a story/plot point and a player point we should be rejoicing!

From a story view we are being handed a serious setback, with the loss of a number of powerful characters, and the return of our worst enemy. This will give Warcraft a fantastic opportunity to refresh storylines and flesh out additional characters that may have been languishing a bit.

I have heard a lot (waaaay too many) people say “meh, its just a Burning Crusade revamp“, and for the life of me I can’t figure out why. Is it the fact that we fought Demons in the Burning Crusade and they can’t tell the difference between one demon and another let alone the locations we are fighting them? Is it the fact that Illidan is returning? to be honest I don’t know why people ask this question and it drives me insane every time I hear it.

When you consider we are on Azeroth, fighting Demons, with the aide of the Illidari, and this is a full fledged invasion .. not us launching an attack on a world inhabited by demons and their mortal cohorts .. but an Invasion of Azeroth, I fail to see how this is a revamp, rather than the next major step in the overall plotline of the Warcraft Universe.


Sometimes I truly believe that people complain simply to hear themselves talk, or to be noticed .. and working in my industry I can assure you there are a lot of people out there that are like this everyday and not just online. Do I never complain? Hell No! If I had my way Cairne would still be alive and I would have helped him crush Garrosh underfoot! But I do accept that the story is out of my hands and enjoy it for the wonderful evolving world that it is.

So for now, I am enjoying Warlords of Draenor, and am looking forward to Legion .. and dream of all that may follow with great hope, whether it finally takes us to the Zandalari Home (yes I would love an expansion of just Troll raids), the depths of the ozeans to the home of the Naga, the underworld lairs of the Nerubians or beyond to the portions of Azeroth we may not have yet explored. There is so much that can still come, and if in the meantime we occasionally need to revisit an old theme or foe like say .. orcs, or the burning legion .. to help us move the story along, so be it.