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Not necessarily more brains, but at least something to occupy it.  I was lamenting the other day to one of my fellow guildies that although I loved the new Star Wars movie I was dissapointed that the 25+ years of stories, games, comics, and more that made up the expanded universe had been dumped by Disney and relegated to Alternate Universe.

I understand why it was done, but to see the work of so many both the good (like the Timothy Zahn Novels) the mediocre and the bad was a bit of a blow. I didn’t think it was all great, but the sweeping story of major and minor characters across numerous forms of media had kept me following the story of  the Star Wars universe avidly from my Childhood until recently. At the moment with the whole “Galactic Reboot”I am still wondering if I should invest myself in all the new literature and beyond the movies material coming out .. but that is a tale for another time.

The reason I bring up the whole Lucas Alternate Media Universe  is that it was an incredible way to build on the foundations the movie had laid, and make you more invested then ever in major, and especially minor characters, and it got me thinking that I would like to see more of this with Blizzard.

So far Blizzard has done fairly well in their non-game meterials, their short clips like the Burdens of Shao-hao (yes, I probably mangled that name) and the Lords of War were truly epic, their mini-stories, especially during Pandaria, were great and their novels are always entertaining especially from a world building view. But I want more.

I would love to see a series of short clips about the rise and fall of the Black Empire. I would love to see novels fleshing out the tales of Darrowshire, or the fall of Zul’jin. I would love to see more short stories, comics, audio tales, video clips and even mini-games that will flesh out the history, the characters, the places, and races of Warcraft.

I want something that doesn’t detract from the game but enhances it. I want to see Blizzard bring in a raft of talent to flesh out this incredible universe. Give me a reason to feel invested in the characters, to want to see Lantresor out of the mine n the garrison and laying waste to enemies, to want to find a spark of sympathy for Magatha Grimtotem, or any number of reasons. I just wants more ….

I think 2 short stories a month, a novel every three, and a video every 6 is the least we should get … don’t you?


Bah, I know I won’t get it but I can hope can I not! Anyway, I will eagerly await the upcoming Chronicles Book, and the new novels coming.

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I have been watching a lot of the Artifact acquisition / questline videos on mmo-champion, and happened to catch the Restoration Druid one the other day (whilst I was digging up artifacts on my endless pursuit of obtaining the crawling claw) and happened to see one of my favourite druids .. Hamuul Runetotem. My first comment to those that were lingering in Guild Chat was how we can all know Hamuul is awesome .. simply because he has the same style choice I do 🙂

I love my Thunderheart Regalia and combined with Origin Of Nightmares has been my steady transmog set since the ability to look like what you want came in. Not everyone though sticks with one set for a long period .. hell, I know people that change their outfits in WoW more often then they change their undies in real life. Which is why I look forward to seeing the new wardrobe system in action ..

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Looove Rocket

So the unthinkable has happened .. I managed to get the Looooooove Rocket. Yep, that’s right, that giant pink gaudy mount that I can hardly recall seeing since it was originally released. I think in the years since it came out I have seen players riding it twice.

I have farmed for it off and on since release, with 1 toon making it through on some days, and all of my toons on others. This year I put in a concerted effort .. I had managed to get 13 character to 100 and decided this was the year. To be honest, the more I ran it the more I thought I was not likely to get it. It took over 130 kills this event alone before it dropped. Luckily .. a goodly number of guildies have a lot of alts so between tanks and heals a lot of those runs were almost instant ques, and on the days they were not .. well, waiting 7 mins always gives me a chance to catch up on Garrison dailies.

When it dropped though was I excited? Yes, but it was not the primary feeling .. the primary feeling was relief. Relief that I would not need to ever face the Crown Chemical Co again, unless I so desired. After all the runs this year and the countless times in previous years I was exhausted of them. As I was after farming Attumen on Kara for over two years on over a dozen alts, plus several other rare mount drops over the time.

Do I have all the rares? No. I still have a number to go, and I will keep plugging away at it stoically. My compulsive habits will keep me going. While I enjoy attaining new mounts (and the all too brief gloating) sometimes it feels like getting my first Nether Drake, the iron-bound Proto Drake or my first Cloud Serpent was a much more satisfying experience than these random drop mounts. Maybe I just handle working towards a goal that I know is obtainable better than I do the harsh gods of rng.

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