I have been watching a lot of the Artifact acquisition / questline videos on mmo-champion, and happened to catch the Restoration Druid one the other day (whilst I was digging up artifacts on my endless pursuit of obtaining the crawling claw) and happened to see one of my favourite druids .. Hamuul Runetotem. My first comment to those that were lingering in Guild Chat was how we can all know Hamuul is awesome .. simply because he has the same style choice I do 🙂

I love my Thunderheart Regalia and combined with Origin Of Nightmares has been my steady transmog set since the ability to look like what you want came in. Not everyone though sticks with one set for a long period .. hell, I know people that change their outfits in WoW more often then they change their undies in real life. Which is why I look forward to seeing the new wardrobe system in action ..

I love the fact to start with that all my old quest gear will be there. While I haven’t taken an in-depth look yet at what is available I did complete the Loremaster Achievment before Cataclysm launched, and then re-did all the zones again afterwards .. so I should have a fairly size-able collection of options there alone.

I also have about 6 or 7 full tier sets stashed away, and at least 3 pvp outfits, but lord knows how many staffs and weapons I liked the look of. While it may make my void storage a little barren, I look forward to regaining a lot of bag space, and more with the implementation of the wardrobe. Though, being a bit of a collector completionist .. not having items collected is going to drive me insane!

Now so far we know that the UI showsa that alongside the standard gear (head, shoulders etc) the Wardrobe also looks like Shirts, Tabards and Weapon Illusions are included. We know we can save outfits sets, and can only transmog items based on our armour type (or cosmetic armour) and that we can now hide shoulders if we please!

Where I do feel a bit befuddled though is how items are added to your collection and for whose use they are available for. As I understand it,  only leather wearers can add leather to the collection (for example), but if I understand things right (and I probably don’t) only the person who has earned that piece can use it?

To be honest I think both of the above rules are a bit limiting for the sake of limiting rather than what would be (a) helpful (b) desired (c) quality of life. I think their best route would be to take a page from Guild Wars 2 and make any item “unlockable” by the person who loots or disenchants it, and then anyone who can wear that class of armour (ie druids, monks or rogues for leather) can wear it unless the item excludes them.Then again, that is a “quality” quality  of life improvement and with Blizzards most recent track record I feel sometimes they do things to keep us grinding .. or complaining like the whole waterstrider incident.

In any event I’m looking forward to the wardrobe, I just hope they tweak it to make it easier on my alts (or my main .. I think I’d like to re do some of the old runs on alts for a change!) as I gather up all the gear.