Looove Rocket

So the unthinkable has happened .. I managed to get the Looooooove Rocket. Yep, that’s right, that giant pink gaudy mount that I can hardly recall seeing since it was originally released. I think in the years since it came out I have seen players riding it twice.

I have farmed for it off and on since release, with 1 toon making it through on some days, and all of my toons on others. This year I put in a concerted effort .. I had managed to get 13 character to 100 and decided this was the year. To be honest, the more I ran it the more I thought I was not likely to get it. It took over 130 kills this event alone before it dropped. Luckily .. a goodly number of guildies have a lot of alts so between tanks and heals a lot of those runs were almost instant ques, and on the days they were not .. well, waiting 7 mins always gives me a chance to catch up on Garrison dailies.

When it dropped though was I excited? Yes, but it was not the primary feeling .. the primary feeling was relief. Relief that I would not need to ever face the Crown Chemical Co again, unless I so desired. After all the runs this year and the countless times in previous years I was exhausted of them. As I was after farming Attumen on Kara for over two years on over a dozen alts, plus several other rare mount drops over the time.

Do I have all the rares? No. I still have a number to go, and I will keep plugging away at it stoically. My compulsive habits will keep me going. While I enjoy attaining new mounts (and the all too brief gloating) sometimes it feels like getting my first Nether Drake, the iron-bound Proto Drake or my first Cloud Serpent was a much more satisfying experience than these random drop mounts. Maybe I just handle working towards a goal that I know is obtainable better than I do the harsh gods of rng.