I have been meaning to do this for a while now and kept putting it aside for other more important things, like trying to finish off transmog sets, or getting the next Emissary Quest done. Nevertheless Here it is, my review on the ups and downs of Legion to date .. things I liked, things I didn’t and things I think needed tweaking.

So without further ado, here goes ..


Prince Farondis.

We have seen a lot of new character, and a lot of old ones, pop up in legion, but I have to admit the one that really made an impression on me was Prince Farondis. I wasn’t overly impressed with Azsuna until I reached him and his quest chain, and I will be honest when I say the zone itself (looks feel etc) isn’t my favorite. But his story, and the path of his redemption is one of the best pieces of storytelling that Blizzard has done in a while.

Here we have a character that stood against everyone, went against public opinion and did what he had to do because it was right, not because it as popular, but because it was right. The outcome showed that doing the right thing doesn’t always result in a positive outcome, or even thanks from an ungrateful population, but it does show an incredible moral character. His grief over what he caused, and in the end his attempts to set it right for those that he had maimed, plus his eventual redemption in the eyes of his people made this once of the biggest impacts for me to date in Legion .. much more so than Illidan, who I still don’t trust, I mean if I wanted batshite crazy I would have stuck with Garrosh.


World Quests

I don’t care if this rocks the apple cart, but the truth is I do not like World Quests. Apart from the fact that they are random and not the same every day (which did happen with varying factions dailies over the time WoW has been running), my pet peeve is that they were advertised as not being Dailies. Ok, so you don’t have to do them, well I didn’t need to do dailies either, but if you want to get reputation up, just like dailies with Golden Lotus, or those daily Assaults in Warlords, you need to do them. That Irks me, while it really doesn’t bother me. No what really bothers me with World Quests is that almost 100% of them are the same quests you do while levelling. At least Netherwing, Golden Lotus,  and many others all offered up if not necessarily blinding new quests then at least new storyline and quests that you hadn’t done while levelling.

It is the quest recycling with world quests that fr me makes levelling alts really hard in Legion. In Warlords, Pandaria, Cataclysm or Wrath, at least what I was doing daily on my main wasn’t exactly the same thing I was doing on my alts, it meant that alts were a change of pace, and a chance to do something a bit different. With Legion that has disappeared and with so few zones, and such short quest-lines in each thi has made, at least for me levelling alts a bit boring.

Having said that running crafting, class hall and order quests has been fantastic, albeit there are too many dungeons involved for my liking. BUT there are not enough of these to level on alone, and to do anything at end level you must basically complete every zone anyway if you want reputations for boons etc, for me the repetition on everything this expansion has been wearying.


Dungeons & Raids.

I have been enjoying Dungeons in Legion, on my main. I liked that there were some dungeon quests for crafting and class halls – though with crafting especially I became disillusioned with this as more and more quests were dungeon bound, for me I like to focus on crafting when I am not involved with group activities. I also like Mythics and the opportunity to push yourself with Mythic Plus dungeons .. I may not have gotten as high as I would have liked yet, but you do what you can in the time you have. The dungeons themselves have also been mildly entertaining, though with the amount of them Blizzard seem to want us to run, I could have done with a larger variety.

Karazhan, was something I had always wanted, close to the Epic Dungeons I once mentioned, and was a lot of fun. Where I think Kara fell flat though was not having it as something people coudl do as a stand alone when they wanted for fun. By having class hall quests, crafting quests and main line plot quests end up driving you there alienated a lot of those that didn’t do Mythics, and has caused me (as guilds main healer) no end of headaches as I have spent waaaay to many hours in there with people who were simply not prepared, or in some cases unwilling to learn boss fights. Fantastic premise, great dungeon, but could have used a little better implementation.

Jumping from Karazhan up to raids, I have to say that I am happy with the raids in Legion, my guild got through Emerald Nightmare and had it on farm on Normal far faster than I imagined, and whilst we have done most of Trial of Valor, we are having a few hiccups in the Nighthold. When it comes to legion raids I only have 2 concerns that bother me. The first is the gimmicks. Each raid tier we have had for years seems to introduce more and more gimmicks with each boss fight, running from stuff, absorbing stuff etc. Which is all well and good, but I have an aging player base in my guild with a good percentage of those playing and raiding whom are over 50, and the huge amount of stuff to track,  and things to dodge are messing with their slower reflexes, not to mention that some of the new graphics are harder to see with their failing eyesight .. like the new look on efflorescence.

My second concern is Looking For Raid. Mostly because there is no reason or draw for me to go there beyond the original look-see. With Pandaria and Legion I was continually in LFR working on my legendary item quests, which I thought that quests in Legion like the Balance of Power would replace .. which they didn’t. With Balance of Power being available only in normal, and the gear I was getting in normal being higher than the average in LFR I was more than content to run normal raids and hope for procs rather than run LFR and hope for procs.  Considering that LFR is there mostly for those that don’t run normals, it relies on bodies from all play styles to fill it and for many people there just hasn’t been a reason to set foot in there.

Class Hall

Class Halls.

I will admit to an unpopular opinion, I miss class halls, I seriously want all these Druids off my lawn! Seriously though, the last Item I want to look over is the Class Hall, which I really do like. Not just the druid but all of them, the individual quests for each class, the look and feel of the zones, its all fantastic.

I miss somewhere that is all mine and is at least somewhat customizable like the Garrison, but seeing a gaggle of druids .. is gaggle the right word? or would you call it a dream of druids? .. anyway seeing them en masse in the class hall is great, and for most part I can live with the differences in buffs that the research trees and stuff give, you know, as long as Druids get the best 🙂 I just wish there were more Tauren.

There are only a few things I don’t like in the class hall. Inactive companions, the mission board, Artifact quests that need to be done in normal raids (see above) and the fact that unlocking a look on one character doesn’t do it for all.

In Summary …

A great expansion, of course there are things I whine about, I do that in every expansion, and probably will infinitum, but I like Legion overall, maybe not as much as Wrath but nothing can beat rose-tinted sight.