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Group Shot (well most of of the group, or at least those sober enough to be the for the group shot) from the 4th Northern Dragons Guild Meet, Echuca, Circa 2012

As some of you may (or probably don’t) know, the Guild I am in turned Ten back on the 11th August, and surprisingly most of those I play with even today have been around with us for 7 or more of those years, with a few like myself dating waaaaay back to when the guild initially formed. The Northern Dragons have been a home away from home for all but about 8 days of my total wow lifetime (those days being the ones where I levelled in Mulgore before braving the Barrens), and I have to admit I regret none of it, and can candidly state that I probably still wouldn’t be playing if it wasn’t for the people I played with.

After 6 Expansions, 7 Guild Meets, 2 Deaths of players, lord knows how many great nights raiding, plus endless frustration, its been playing this game with great people (and a few not so great) not just from around Australia and New Zealand but as far away as New York, Montana, California, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia and Europe that has made this about the only game with I have ever stuck with for more than a month at a time let alone over 10 years!

So to those that were there are the start, those that have joined recently, and those that have stayed with us all the way through … congratulations on 10 great years!



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