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 … Meh! At least that was my original thought. But give me this – I was doped up to my eyeballs on pain-killers, morphine, and a host of other drugs to stop me screaming in agony. As someone who mains Horde, but plays both sides, I have never had an overwhelming response to the faction war, especially when Blizzard always seems to have such a huge Alliance Bias, and when the news of Battle for Azeroth broke, my drugged mind was like baaaah, big deal elf stabbin elf, human stabbion orc, nothin new to see here.

With Sunday morning came a bit more actual alertness and I managed to really look at what had been announced with cleared eyes.  While I was still a bit meh on the whole war thing, the thought of the incipient arrival of the Zandalari, finally taking on Azshara, of a renewed look a scenarios .. these were enough to perk up my interest and after review give at least a nod of approval to what seems to be coming post legion … Read the rest of this entry »

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