The question I ask myself is how I got conned into this! I suppose it is because I do enjoy talking about certain subjects and at leangth, especially if something really strikes my interest. For those wondering this blog will cover just about any topic I feel the need to speak about, but fr the majority will cover three things that I will probably talk about more regularly : Travel, Sci Fi/Fantasy Reading and World Of Warcraft

When I talk about Travel it will be as much from the travellers perspective as it is the industry perspective, mostly because those that are not in the industry have no idea how much work goes on behind the scenes. For WoW and any reading that will all come from my perspective .. which as anyone knows is never going to be a universally held belief.

I’ll also note that I have a slightly warped and twisted sense of humour, this doesn’t always translate well in text .. so if sometimes things seem a little off .. ask, I may clarify, then again I may not.

A Quick Warning & Disclaimer:

If you decide you want to read this blog please be aware that:

  • All views expressed are mine, I don’t care if you believe something is crap that I believe is great or v.v
  • I don’t believe in sacrificing my sense of humor for political correctness. While there are serious issues out there I do believe that everything needs a funny side .. after all mockery is only a form of humor, so if I see a joke that is racist or bigoted or whatever and I think I would like to share it .. I will.
  • Posts shall not be updated on any regular basis .. between a business, a family and a guild I have enough things that must be done to a schedule!

Other than that please if you don’t enjoy reading this blog, bugger off … after all its not mandatory.