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Cometh? It is Heareth! Is that even a word? Probably Not.

It has been a while since my last post, my most humble apologies, but with my Beta access which, yes, I eventually received, and my inability to sometimes not rant and rave about what I enjoy or hate .. I decided it would be best to avoid posting as I would be too tempted to post spoilers.

As it is let me say that having tried most of the Artifact Intro Quests, a number of each of the class hall quests and work on the world quests at the “end game point”, I am really, really looking forward to legion. That is it! No spoilers and no more for what is to come except that possibly you should keep your eye on Velen, Ysera, and .. well everybody.

Back to what is happening though – the Burning Legion Invasion of Azeroth and the fight at the Broken Shore ..

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