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One of the happiest days of my Warcraft playtime was the day my egg from the Oracles finally hatched and I managed to get the Green Proto Drake. It had been over 12 months since I managed to get to exulted with them back at the beginning of Wrath and the slimy bastards had been holding back on me all this time. So with a gleeful and joyful heart I promptly switched sides swore undying loyalty to the Frenzyheart and went on a spree .. many Oracles died that day, and for the next month I was so glad to be free of them to wreck my revenge. Suffice to say I am not a fan of randomness as an end reward for faction reps. Nothing could be worse, or so I thought, then random rep rewards .. then came Valour Rewards locked behind reputations, and I thought good lord I didn’t think they could make the oracles seem attractive.


You know I do not like to eat Humble Pie, no sir,. indeed I like my pie full of self-righteousness, indignation or occasionally self-satisfied smugness. Right now though after over a month of Mists .. I am starting to develop a rhythm to my playing and I have to admit one thing. I am enjoying it and coming to grips with the whole gear locked behind dailies thing better then I thought I would.

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It has been a while since I have posted anything and a lot has popped up as far as information amongst other things so this post will be a bit rambly but I will try and stick to two topics! Thrall and Bag Space.

First off lets talk about the latest spoilers .. if you haven’t seen them, don’t want to hear about em .. leave now.
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I will have another WoW post up sometime in the next week or so .. in the meantime, I’d just like to share something.

I am not a fan of advertising or pushing things on people. Having said that I would like to bring the efforts of a group called “Playing for Change” to peoples attention. I did mention them in one of my earliest posts .. but they are currently on a kickstarter drive to get their Third Album off the ground. As a lot of the income goes into schools and programmes worldwide I heartily recommend getting involved. Plus the musics great 🙂

You can find their latest project here

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