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Guess who was lucky enough to get a beta invite? Never mind, I think that answer is fairly obvious at the moment! At any rate, I am sadly the only “Veteran Player” amongst those I usually associate with to get one, so for now I have been exploring solo content rather than subjecting anyone to my healing tests … and what I am seeing so far I approve of. At least for the most part.

While seeing people like Durotan, Kargath, Blackhand has been very nice (yes I’ve been playing Warcraft games since the original RTS),and while getting access to some rare mounts has also been great (I always wanted a rhino), there have been some definite small improvements that have really stood out for me.

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Well, my internet connection is still borked, and my provider continues to make screw up after screw up .. 2 months in and still no end in sight to these accursed problems. Despite my lack of internet at home, I have been keeping up with news on the mobile via RSS feeds, facebook etc, and while I would love to start dissecting what I am seeing with WoD … I feel I should leave off until I either see it for myself or until Beta is a bit further along.

No, what I want to talk about today is the “patience”barrier. In game I will admit, that for the most part I am fairly forgiving, and willing to work with the worst groups to get things done, because I realise not everyone has the same skill, adaptability or knowledge that you do. I even understand that communications are not some people’s strong points – hell back in Wrath we had one guild member who became so lost in Ungoro that despite over half hours worth of instructions in guild chat and vent I had to personally fly down there and lead him out.

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