Not necessarily more brains, but at least something to occupy it.  I was lamenting the other day to one of my fellow guildies that although I loved the new Star Wars movie I was dissapointed that the 25+ years of stories, games, comics, and more that made up the expanded universe had been dumped by Disney and relegated to Alternate Universe.

I understand why it was done, but to see the work of so many both the good (like the Timothy Zahn Novels) the mediocre and the bad was a bit of a blow. I didn’t think it was all great, but the sweeping story of major and minor characters across numerous forms of media had kept me following the story of  the Star Wars universe avidly from my Childhood until recently. At the moment with the whole “Galactic Reboot”I am still wondering if I should invest myself in all the new literature and beyond the movies material coming out .. but that is a tale for another time.

The reason I bring up the whole Lucas Alternate Media Universe  is that it was an incredible way to build on the foundations the movie had laid, and make you more invested then ever in major, and especially minor characters, and it got me thinking that I would like to see more of this with Blizzard.

So far Blizzard has done fairly well in their non-game meterials, their short clips like the Burdens of Shao-hao (yes, I probably mangled that name) and the Lords of War were truly epic, their mini-stories, especially during Pandaria, were great and their novels are always entertaining especially from a world building view. But I want more.

I would love to see a series of short clips about the rise and fall of the Black Empire. I would love to see novels fleshing out the tales of Darrowshire, or the fall of Zul’jin. I would love to see more short stories, comics, audio tales, video clips and even mini-games that will flesh out the history, the characters, the places, and races of Warcraft.

I want something that doesn’t detract from the game but enhances it. I want to see Blizzard bring in a raft of talent to flesh out this incredible universe. Give me a reason to feel invested in the characters, to want to see Lantresor out of the mine n the garrison and laying waste to enemies, to want to find a spark of sympathy for Magatha Grimtotem, or any number of reasons. I just wants more ….

I think 2 short stories a month, a novel every three, and a video every 6 is the least we should get … don’t you?


Bah, I know I won’t get it but I can hope can I not! Anyway, I will eagerly await the upcoming Chronicles Book, and the new novels coming.

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